12 Wellington Debaters go to Nationals in Chicago

A dozen Wolverines will represent Wellington in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend to compete at this year’s National Catholic Forensic League national championship debate tournament – the most ever to represent Wellington at CatNats.

In Congressional Debate, Michael Leatherman earned the top spot among nearly 50 students, 19 of whom advanced to the final round. Three other Wellington debaters – Kwadjo WalkerVictor Sanchez, andPallavi Taneja – also advanced to the finals of Congressional Debate.

In Lincoln Douglas Debate, Yourui Ruan went 5-0 in taking first place. And in Public Forum Debate, the team of Vinnie Gasso & Caitlyn Konopka also went 5-0 in taking top honors.

In PFD, Greg Foster & Kevin Murphy, and Gillian Kruisland & Caramen McDaniel, also qualified.

Wellington also has a pair of Duo Interpretation competitive acting teams qualify for Chicago: Dylan Race & Savannah Race (performing “Employees Must Wash Hands … Before Murder” by Don Zolidis), andAntoinette Gray & Cameron Harker (performing Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park”).

FYI, Wellington took first place overall in three events at the Grand Finals tournament, which took place at W.T. Dwyer High School on Saturday- Congressional Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Public Forum Debate. It was the most first-place finishes Wellington has achieved at the national qualifier.