Guest Speaker Comes to Wellington High

Good morning,


Nick Winton is coming to Wellington Community High School Friday January 11th during 7thhour.  Mr. Winton will discuss the Kindertransport.  This is a wonderful opportunity, and we hope that you and your 7th hour students will attend.

Mr. Winton will be in the area for three days.  We are so lucky that he is coming to Wellington High School.  Mr. Winton and a Kindertransport Survivor will present for one hour.  The presentation will also include a video trailer.  The main message we are trying to convey is that students understand that they CAN step up, take action, and make a difference just as Sir Nicholas did.


If you and your class plan to attend, please let me know as space is limited.  I will send you a pass to be distributed to your period 7 students the day before.  This is the pass that will allow them to leave period 6 at 1:40.  They will not be allowed to leave their class without this pass.

We do ask that you briefly prep your students about the Kindertransport (especially if they wish to ask questions).  Once we receive your RSVP, we will send you a handout for your students (yes, I will make the copies and have them delivered to you!)  If you need any assistance, please let us know, and one of us will help!