Palm Beach County Schools transition to online learning



Mattingly Sullivan, Multimedia Editor

Due to COVID-19, all schools in Palm Beach County have switched to online lessons. This transition is having a big impact on students and teachers. While some students and teachers are saying the shift has been a smooth transition, others are saying that it’s difficult to have the students engage in the curriculum.

One of the many impacts coronavirus is having is switching to online school. For students, this is a big deal. Students are used to walking into a school campus every day and now that is taken away from them.

Palm Beach County School District released a tweet stating, “Based on a recommendation from @lEducationFL & a ‘Stay at Home’ order in PBC, I will keep District schools closed to students until further notice. Distance Learning continues. @pbcsd looks forward to welcoming students back on campus when it’s safe.” 

The district is also loaning Chromebooks to students that don’t have a device at home, and they are even giving out lunches that are helping many students.

At Wellington High School, students must go on Google Meets for their classes. They meet with their teacher and learn remotely on their device. It is new to everyone at school, as they are used to being face to face with their peers and teachers.

Wellington High School is also not holding Google Meets sessions on Friday because those turned into office hours for teachers and staff. The schedule for Wellington High School remained the same and students are in their online class at the same time of classes when they were held on the campus.

This is also a change for teachers, they had to get training about Google Meets and they had to learn how to teach us in a whole new way. Teachers are trying their very best to make this an easy transition for their students and for themselves.

Learning this way may be a struggle for some students, just because they are not used to it. But everyone is in the same boat, and everyone is learning. Some students love this transition, some miss going to school.

As of right now, students will be learning digitally until further notice. Students will get used to this new way of learning, even though it is very different for everyone.