Man shot with crossbow in dog attack


Colton Kersey, Opinions Editor

A Massachusetts man fatally shot his neighbor with a crossbow attempting to save him from his dogs.

Police in Adams, Massachusetts received a call of a man being mauled by dogs. When they arrived on the scene, the dogs turned on the officers and were shot. The officers found a man who was fatally struck by a rogue crossbow bolt that flew through a door and hit the man who was attempting to barricade himself from the dogs.

The Berkshire District Attorney said the dogs belonged to the man who died and had a history of aggression. The man with the crossbow was a licensed crossbow owner who appeared “distraught.”

The DA does not expect charges to be pressed adding, “I think this was an emergency situation and, at this point, everything in the investigation indicates that the neighbor was reacting in a very stressful circumstance. He was doing what he could to neutralize the dog, to protect life,” she said.