Teacher with aggressive history assaults 7 year old


CBS 12

Victoria Loredan, News Editor

On January 28, 64-year-old Cynthia Smith slammed her students head against the bulletin board at Dr. Mary McLead Bethune Elementary.

Smith is a first-grade teacher at Dr. Mary McLead Bethune Elementary. One of her students was running his hands against the bulletin board and when the student didn’t listen, she proceeded to slam his head against the bulletin board, knocking out a tooth and busting his lip.

When questioned, Cynthia Smith claimed that another student pushed the 7-year-old; however, the surveillance cameras told otherwise. The camera footage shows Smith slamming the child’s head against the board, forcefully pulling him out of the room, and later, restapling items on the board outside the classroom.

Smith was arrested on January 31 for child abuse but was released that afternoon from county jail when she posted a $3,000 surety bond. 

Principal Katrina Granger told officers that in the 12 years Smith was working, she was always getting reported for acting aggressively. Granger also said that Smith’s behavior has been investigated four times. Students say that Cynthia was mean and yelled at other students for no reason, as well as physically pushing students. 

Cynthia Smith has been a part of the Palm Beach School District for 25 years, working a variety of jobs.