Australia is burning


AAP/Andrew Brownbill

Mattingly Sullivan, Multimedia Editor

More than 15.6 million acres of Australian have been burned by wildfires.

Even though it’s fire season in Australia, this year is much worse than normal. The fires have been attributed to lightning, climate conditions, and even human action. Since September, at least 25 people have died and thousands have been left homeless.

The first fire sparked from a strike of lightning, but have progressed over time. Climate conditions also have had something to do with it. Some fires have even been caused by arson.

Fires stretch from the eastern and southern coast, affecting every state and territory in Australia. Many animals have been harmed or have died. Much of the landscape is gone due to these fires. Many have had to evacuate and they have lost their homes.

Australia has had some rain which has put out some of the fires, but much of the country has remained on fire. Australia has also seen hail and massive dust storms. The air quality is very dangerous in Australia, with many residents reporting that it hurts to breathe.

Lots of the fires are out but much of Australia remains on fire. Fire rescue has been trying their best to put the fires out as much as they can.

Many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Kieth Urban, Pink, Chris Hemsworth, Elton John, Rebel Wilson, Kylie Jenner, and a lot more have donated to these fires.

Those who are looking to help can donate to several organizations, such as The Australian Red Cross and Save the Koala.