Man kills wife with hammer in Boynton Beach


Aliette Buteau /Facebook

Jaidyn Houghtaling

On December 10, a man killed his wife outside a Lake Charleston home in Boynton Beach around 3:00 in the morning.

54-year-old, Wilfred Buteau, attacked his 49-year-old wife, Aliette Buteau, with a knife and hammer.

PBSO said Aliette died Tuesday morning when her husband cut her throat with a claw knife.

“Voices told me to kill her,” said Wilfred Buteau to PBSO.

One of their children was in the house when he killed Aliette. When she died, he took the child to his neighbor’s house.

Wilfred was a Palm Beach County bus driver. He is now facing a 2nd-degree murder charge for killing Aliette Buteau.

According to their family, they were always fighting.