Gun confiscation escalates to stand-off on Instagram



Sally-Emma Calandroni, Managing Editor

On November 23rd a former Afgan Army Veteran in New York got into a 6-hour standoff with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Alexander Booth, more known on his Instagram as Whiskey_Warrior_556, was using the “Instagram live” feature to live stream what was happening in real-time. Many misinterpreted this situation as a violation of the 2nd amendment and abuse of the red flag gun laws in New York state due to his and others’ social media posts. They seemed to have jumped to the conclusion that the, as Booth referred to them, “redcoats” were surrounding his house in an effort to confiscate his arms.

What was just an officer investigating a gunshot evolved into a full-blown negotiation standoff.

According to a press release from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, an officer initially went to Booth’s house due to what the officer thought to be a gunshot being heard coming from Booth’s house.

According to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, “When additional officers arrived, Mr. Booth was observed in the doorway acting in an agitated state before returning inside his garage apartment and barricading himself.”

The sheriff’s department has made public comments on Alex’s seemingly poor mental health. Michael Cazzari, Carmel Police Chief remarked, “This is a person in crisis having mental illness and having issues and he didn’t need the people on social media telling him that his rights were being violated.”

As of right now, Booth has been detained peacefully and no charges are going to be pressed.