Shark migrations begin in Florida



Colton Kersey, Opinions Editor

As it cools down in south Florida, more than just snowbirds are migrating to Florida. Great white sharks are beginning to make their way down to Florida seeking warmer waters.

Ocearch, an organization dedicated to collecting data in the ocean, has reported shark migration from Canada and the northeast US down to Florida, with some sharks already in place in the Keys. One such shark is the great white named Unama’ki. Unama’ki is a 2000 pound 15-foot female who is just one of the 8 sharks being tracked in Florida.

While Florida is the shark hotspot of the US, it’s incredibly rare for people to be bitten in the water. On average, only about 16 shark attacks happen in the US annually. Experts say that if you see a shark in the wild, keep your distance and simply admire it from afar.