California Wildfire Causes Evacuation


California National Guard photo

Xander Hernandez-Barrios

On Monday, a brush fire broke out and it quickly spread for 600 acres, blocking the Interstate 405, the nation’s busiest highway, and has burned even more land as of right now.

Approximately 180,000 people had to evacuate their homes, including Lebron James, because of the two simultaneous fires, the Getty and Kincade fire. The Getty fire has burned more than 74,000 acres while the Kincade had burned more than 66,000 acres of land. The fires have burned down 100 buildings already and are threatening 90,000 buildings in the evacuation zone.

The Kincade fire is almost twice the size of San Francisco and forecasters say the dangerous conditions will continue due to the winds of Santa Ana feeding the fire. The smoke of the fires is polluting the air in other parts of California. Firefighters are doing everything in their power to stop the fires, working 36 hours without sleep. California turned off the power to reduce the risk of more fire spreading so there may be a chance of more blackouts happening throughout cities in the evacuation zone that haven’t gotten any yet.

Different companies are trying to help out the evacuees with no rides or places to stay like Uber, who is giving out free rides to different people, and Airbnb hosts who are giving free places to stay.