Recent Paddock Park thefts concern Wellington residents



Mattingly Sullivan, Multimedia Editor

A string of car break-ins in a nearby Wellington neighborhood have residents concerned.

In Paddock Park, several vehicles have been broken into, resulting in the theft of valuable items. According to residents, the vehicle windows have been broken with rocks, allowing for the theft of others’ belongings.

“It happened right next to my house,” says freshman Zachary Duckworth, who lives in Paddock Park. “Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable because, what if they want to break into my house?” 

These break ins are leading residents to take valuable items out of their cars. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened in Paddock. Residents report having dealt with this type of crime before.

According to PBSO, locking your vehicles and keeping valuables out of the car or out of sight is the best practice for deterring would be thieves.