Popped balloon causes panic at Boca Town Center Mall


Credit...Andres Leiva/Palm Beach Post, via Associated Press

Jaidyn Houghtaling, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Police are reporting that “gunshots” heard on October 13th at the Boca Town Center Mall around 3:30 PM were actually the sound of a janitor popping a balloon. 

Shoppers assumed it was a gunshot and responded in a panic.

The SWAT team went to the mall around 4 p.m. after the incident was reported. Shoppers stood outside for hours in confusion.

Initial reports suggested that a man was hospitalized after supposedly getting shot. It was later revealed that the man hit his head while fleeing from the mall.

It was later revealed that mall-goers were responding to the sound of a janitor popping a balloon. After concluding the investigation, Boca Raton Police released a statement on Twitter revealing the nature of their findings. You can read the statement below.