Seminole Ridge sued for tractor tire injury–again


Flickr / Scott Robinson

Colton Kersey, Staff Writer

What sounds like the plot to the 2010 horror film Rubber, a film about a rogue tire going on a rampage, has become a reality for two Seminole Ridge High School students. 

Back in 2016, Trinity Harmon, a student at Seminole Ridge was instructed to move a 500-pound tractor tire in her Junior ROTC program. The tire fell on her foot, leading to a $103,000 medical bill. 

She is now suing, claiming that the school created a dangerous environment that lacked proper safety and guidance.

A $200,000 settlement was proposed the proposal fell through and Trinity’s mother filed a lawsuit after. Both of Trinity’s legs were injured and her plans of joining the military fell through after the incident. 

This is not the first tractor tire-related injury to occur at Seminole Ridge. In 2013, student Dustin Reinhardt had a tractor tire explode on him while working in an auto shop class. He lost the use of his right eye and part of his brain. He sued the school and came out with $4.7 million for his injuries.