Protestor shot in Hong Kong demonstration


Financial Times

Victoria Loredan, Staff Writer

Hong Kong — On September 24, a teen protester was shot in his left shoulder by a police officer in the Tsuen Wan district. This was the first time since the protests started that live rounds were used.

The Tsuen Wan district is a working-class area near Hong Kong’s border with the Chinese mainland.

The officer claims he shot the teen because he was trying to save himself and his colleagues. He was under attack by violent protesters who were threatening the officer’s lives. Hong Kong authorities say the officer acted in a legal and reasonable manner by giving the teen verbal warning before he opened fire.

The teen was seen approaching a police officer and hitting him with a pipe.

While this was happening, Beijing was celebrating its 70th year of communism rule. The protestors were hoping to upstage this celebration by having their own unauthorized marches.

Dale De La Rey /APP

As a result, violence quickly broke out and some of the bloodiest clashes since the protest started in early June occurred. Tear gas was used by Hong Kong Police and protestors protected themselves by using umbrellas.

51 people were sent to the hospital and two are under critical condition. This recent shooting has supported protestors’ claims that they were right about the police officers being too aggressive.

Natalie Chan, a university student from Tuen Mun district (not too far from Tsuen Wan) who participated in the protests, says that the Hong Kong police were “hurting people.”