19-year-old robs house for “the thrill”


Palm Beach Post

Colton Kersey, Staff Writer

19-year-old Eduardo Aguirre-Flores told Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office that he attempted to rob a family on Sunday, September 29th for “the thrill and the rush.” He was charged with home invasion, robbery, and aggravated battery. He is currently in custody and being held with no bail.

The robbery took place around 7 PM Sunday night. According to PBSO, Flores and one other unidentified assailant forced their way into a West Palm Beach home. They carried a submachine gun and demanded money. A man who lives in the house was able to remove the magazine from the gun after a brief struggle and began hitting the assailant with the magazine. Flores punched the man and the fight for the gun spilled outside. Flores was heard shouting, “Let’s go!” in Spanish and fled the scene in a pickup truck.

A neighbor who witnessed the incident gave the tag number to detectives, who were able to trace it to a Toyota Tacoma at the home of Eduardo Aguirre-Flores.  According to police, Flores confessed to his involvement as the driver of the vehicle and that he participated in the robbery for the thrill.