Missing man and car found in Wellington lake


Google Earth

Mattingly Sullivan, Staff Writer

A Florida man was doing a Google maps search of his old home in the Grand Isles neighborhood in Wellington, and it led to him seeing something he never expected. He zoomed into the lake behind his old house and saw a submerged vehicle.

He contacted the new owners of the house and asked if they knew anything about it. They sent a drone to take a better look. This led to a police call. Deputies responded to the call and towed the car out of the lake.

Inside the car were the 22-year-old skeletal remains of William Earl Moldt, who was last seen on November 7, 1997. Moldt was 40 years old when he disappeared.

It is suspected that Moldt had too many drinks before leaving a nightclub on the night he disappeared and crashed his vehicle into the lake.