Video: Plane crash at Boca Raton Airport


Don Ramey Logan / Wikimedia Commons

Boca Raton Airport

Jaidyn Houghtaling, Staff Writer

On September 11, two men crashed a small plane in a Boca Raton airport parking lot shortly after 10:30 AM. The incident was captured in by a surveillance camera and shows wreckage from the plane narrowly missing an airport worker.

Robert Eckelson, 69, was flying cross-country with his wife. When they reached an altitude of about 400 feet, Eckelson felt the engine running rough. He turned around and landed to see if anything was wrong with the plane.

Local mechanic Mark Miller, 55, looked at the plane and said that there was nothing wrong. Eckelson and Miller decided to give the plane a test run just in case. At about 400 feet, the engine began to run rough again so they turned around. Before they could land, the engine, “stopped working completely” and the plane crashed.

Eckelson left with minor injuries, just a broken nose and split lip. Miller, however, had serious injuries. He left the scene with a broken back, ankle, and cheekbone.

The police report says a bad fuel pump might’ve been to blame.