Dorian takes aim at Bahamas, Florida


National Weather Service

Xander Hernandez-Barrios

Hurricane Dorian is now moving through the western part of the Atlantic, with sustained winds of 105 MPH and is a category 2. It is expected to hit Florida and the Bahamas as a category 4 hurricane by the end of the weekend.

By Friday, Dorian is expected to hit the southeastern parts of the Bahamas. Saturday, Dorian will be going northwest and will hit the northwestern part of the Bahamas. Late Sunday is when Dorian will be hitting Florida but the exact location is still unknown.

There has been a hurricane watch called on the northwestern part of the Bahamas and is expected to receive about 6-12 inches of rain along with storm surges that will cause the water level to be about 9-15 feet higher above regular tide level.

Dorian is only 255 miles east from the southwestern Bahamas. The southwestern part of the Bahamas will most likely be hit by Dorian as a category 3 or even higher and is expecting 6-12 inches of rain as well.

By the time it approaches Florida, it will most likely be a strong category 4 hurricane, but it is still too early to determine the exact location of strong winds or heavy rain. Dorian could go anywhere from the southern part of Florida to the southeastern part of Georgia.

Anyone in this range should seek shelter or prepare an evacuation plan and gather whatever is left that is preservable. To find out more on what to do during a hurricane visit