Voters Deceived On Unjust Bill


Palm Beach County CTA

Sally-Emma Calandroni, Design Editor

Teachers, students, parents united to attend and rally to protect their lawful vote and the results of the 2018 Countywide School Question after school on Tuesday, April 30th.

For those who are unaware of what HB 7123 is, it will change the terms of the referendum that voters decided on months ago and redirect millions of dollars to private charter schools instead of focusing on public education. This could have paid for more effective security and raised teacher salaries.

The issue as to why people are protesting a bill is that they voted for is the wording of the bill was changed after the voting period was over. 72% of voters were for the original bill that proposed tax increases should fund traditional public schools.

Voters approved $800 million in funding for schools last year in a ballot measure that specified tax increases could provide funding for teacher raises for traditional public schools, not charter schools.

Supporters of the newly worded bill argue that the charter schools of the counties are entitled to funds made through tax increases. The opposition says that said funds should only go to public schools.

As of now, the Florida State Senate has kicked back the bill and removed the referendum that school districts need to include charting schools in distributing tax sale money.