Parkland Shooter to Inherit Life Insurance Policy- Trial Date Now Uncertain


Haley Hartner, News Editor

Confessed Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz, has a pending life insurance policy for which he is eligible to inherit at least $430,000, causing his current representation to withdraw from the trial.

Cruz’s substantially-increased net worth strips him of his title as an “indigent” client- a change that no longer allows the Broward Public Defender’s Office to represent Cruz, due to the fact that they only represent clients who cannot afford lawyers themselves.

The $430,000 is half of an approximately $865,000 MetLife life insurance policy that comes from Cruz’s mother, Lynda Cruz, who died of a flu-like illness three months before the Parkland shooting.

This sum is to be shared with Cruz’s brother, Zachary.

It is believed that Cruz’s half of the inheritance will not be enough to cover the cost of a new defense attorney subtitle for a death penalty case, being that the families of the victims of the Parkland shooting have already sued and won “default judgements” against him in civil court.

This means that regardless of the assets Cruz is set to attain, most of which will only be available to him when he turns 22, Cruz will have to find representation that is willing to take his case without the guarantee of payments.

Nikolas Cruz is currently being charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder after killing 17 people at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th, Valentine’s Day,  2018.

Judge Elizabeth Scherer had hoped to begin this trial by January of 2020, however Cruz’s defense attorney’s request to withdraw from the case now makes the trial date unclear.