Safety Threatened by Knife and Gun During AHS Game

Shaelyn Drost, Managing Editor

Three women threatened the safety of a crowd with a knife and gun during Atlantic High School basketball game on Thursday night.

A verbal dispute broke out during the Atlantic versus Park Vista girls’ basketball game. When one woman, gesturing to the crowd, threatened to “cause a code red,”, 36-year-old Janet Charles pulled a knife and pointed it toward various onlookers on the bleachers.

Later that night, two women were escorted out of the gymnasium following another verbal altercation when a reportedly large crowd formed.

It was then that 25-year-old Charmeca Mosley drove toward the crowd attempting to hit them. The crowd was said to have then chased the car when Mosley exited the vehicle holding a loaded gun. Witnesses claim she pointed the firearm toward various people with whom she had been arguing and threatened to shoot. Police later found over 120 bullets in the trunk of her car.

It remains unclear whether she was included in the initial dispute involving Charles, or if these incidents were related whatsoever. School police indicated to parents that these were isolated incidents among the adults occurring after the end of the game, though it remains unclear when the game ended and when the altercations began.

According to records, however, Mosley’s was the third arrest involving firearms in 24 hours to occur on Palm Beach County School District property.

Both Charles and Mosley remain in custody, though it is unclear how the District authorities plan to improve safety during athletic events in the future.