Trump Foundation to be “Dissolved” Amid Allegations of Illegality


Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

Haley Hartner, News Editor

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is set to be “dissolved” after being accused of “engaging in a shocking pattern of illegality.”

As part of the ongoing investigation into the nonprofit’s activity, spearheaded by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, the foundation’s remaining assets will be distributed, under judicial supervision, to different charities. Should the lawsuit favor Underwood, President Trump and his three children, Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, could be barred from other New York charities. In other words, they will not be able to serve on the board of or conduct business with any nonprofit in the state of New York. The lawsuit also demands that $2.8 million in restitution be paid.

The foundation’s “season of giving” peaked during the 2016 presidential campaign, with donations in states such as Iowa being given just days before the presidential nomination caucuses. Activity such as this falls in accordance with the assertion that the nonprofit was used solely for political or personal gain, such as with the $10,000 self-portrait he bought with charity money.

Another $100,000 was intended to be used to settle a personal legal matter between Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and the town of Palm Beach.

Justice Saliann Scarpulla of New York has since confirmed the deal to dissolve the foundation and give the remaining $1.7 million to other nonprofit organizations.