‘I Am Wellington’ Project Features Faces of WHS


Sally-Emma Calandroni, Design Editor

I Am Wellington is the initiative started by photography teacher Mr.Pentzke and his students to raise school spirit by showing exemplary people at Wellington High School around campus. Beginning this term, posters have been put up around campus to showcase these individuals.

Pentzke brought up the idea of capturing pictures of staff and students and his students worked together and decided it would be a fantastic idea. They introduced the idea to Ms. Hayden and she loved the idea, so they started on the project.

The posters feature outstanding people such as the president of Student Government Association, Alexandra Torregrosa, as well as faculty. The team wants to show the people of Wellington and wants everyone to be included, so they’re going to cycle posters every quarter so no one feels left out.

As one of Mr.Pentzke’s students, Maylon states, “These are people that make Wellington, Wellington.”