Wolverines Celebrate, Participate in 4th Annual Girls in Aviation Day


Javier Sarache

Haley Hartner, News Editor

Last Friday, Wellington High School celebrated the 4th annual National Girls in Aviation Day. Hosted by Women in Aviation International at Boynton Beach High School, Wellington High participated in a live stream event with six other schools in Palm Beach County.

18 lady wolverines joined in on the opportunity and engaged in hands-on activities, such as testing “controlled descent” using household items. They also listened to lectures by Kathleen Galligan from Pratt and Whitney, an aviation company who provides services to military, commercial, and small aircraft customers.

On this day, Women in Aviation International expanded its outreach to about 15,000 girls, all ages 8-17 and from 14 different countries.

WAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement of female participation in aviation careers. They provide year-round resources and outreach programs to women all over the world in order to uphold their mission. This organization also works to educate the public about the significance of historical women that held careers in aviation, such as Amelia Earhart and Eileen Collins.