Wellington High School’s Debate Team Triumphs at Yale Invitational


Paul Gaba

William Bussey, Sports Editor

The Red Dawn Debaters traveled to Yale University for their opening tournament of the 2018-2019 season on September 14th.

Wellington Debate Team President Zac Jacobson, who double entered at Yale, competed in both dramatic interpretation, and program oral interpretation. Jacobson went on to win 6th place in program oral interpretation. This is considered a major win at such a large scale and prestigious tournament.

“It was great to start the year off with a fruitful performance at Yale,” Jacobson said. “I hope my team and I are able to continue having a successful year. We’re looking to go to a lot of out of state competitions this year. I really enjoyed my time competing at Yale and I’m very thankful I had this wonderful opportunity.”

Joe Long, another veteran debater, who also competed at Yale, said, “This Yale trip inspired my choice to apply to Yale medical school after undergrad.”

The Wellington High School debate team has had immense success over the years, and the team is looking to continue that tradition of success and have an amazing year. The team will compete in the Florida Blue Key debate tournament, another major competition, coming up at the University of Florida on October 25th.