The Effects of Over-fishing

The Effects of Over-fishing

Daniela Jaramillo, Press Release Editor

Will Nemo and his friends be the next dinosaurs? At a rapid rate, detrimental factory and illegal fishing is growing. Most of the breathtaking, colorful ocean life is predicted to become extinct by 2048.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, 90% of the ocean’s crucial large fish have already been fished out. The domino effect of chunks of the food chain becoming missing will slowly lead to the demise of our ocean’s ecosystems. Large fisheries do not only harm the lives of fish; buying shrimp sourced from Thailand is financially supporting slave labor.

Environmental advocates should also think twice before indulging in their savory sushi roll. For every 1 pound of tuna caught, 13.4482 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are produced. If that is bad, one should consider the negative impact of beef, which is more than four times that amount. To contribute to a more mindful world, Green Eatz, an eco-friendly blog, suggests a vegetarian diet,  which has a carbon footprint “about half that of a meat-lover’s diet.”

As the hammerhead shark of Finding Nemo said, “Fish are friends, not food!” Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month by participating in meatless Mondays or a whole month without meat in order to save animals and the environment.