Bathroom Warfare

Elizabeth Deuschle, Staff Writer

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The revealing of a new bill proposed by a lawmaker in Virginia named Mark Cole has created controversy and a slight amount of fear over it’s creation. If passed this would not only require each student in a public school system to solely utilize bathrooms that match their “anatomical sex”, but would have them pay a $50 dollar fine if they fail to comply.
In regards to the negativity, Cole remarks how he only has the best in mind for the children and their privacy; seeing himself as a protector rather than close minded and transphobic. In reality this bill is in direct opposition to the movements recently taken place to allow transgender students to freely choose which bathroom they would like to use. Now most are taking his words with a grain of salt, advocates have stormed social media glancing over the bill and accusing Cole of being a crazy, old man who will have genital checks done on the daily; however, there might be legitimate cause for concern.
While Cole has gone down on record stating he will not force genital checks, but instead use birth certificates, the fact remains that this sort of thinking is more prevalent in society than many twenty first century citizens would like to believe. The idea of this sort of bill being passed may appear far fetched, yet recently a ruling in the case regarding a transgender Virginia may have just been the start.
Gavin Grimm, a transgender girl who attends Gloucester County School Board was forced to instead use the male bathrooms for the staff claimed it made the other students uncomfortable. Her parents became enraged at the school and took the case to court where they promptly failed to get the judgement overturned.
After hearing the ruling Galvin said: “I am determined to move forward because this case is not just about me, but about all transgender students in Virginia”. She could not have been more accurate, the influx of bills discriminating against transgender children and adults harms the community as a whole. This constant media attention allows the other students to see this as something to be ashamed of and can create transphobic attitudes from younger ages.


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