Water on Mars!

Water on Mars!

Elizabeth Deuschle, Staff Writer

A surprising report from NASA was recently released to the public, claiming that Mars still has liquid water.

For years now it has been widely believed that the only source of water was in the form of polar ice caps. The very notion of liquid water, much less running water, seemed to be more fiction than reality; however on October 7th we were proven wrong.

Researchers had been using an imaging spectrometer on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and discovered signatures that appeared to be hydrated minerals on slopes that seemed to move from time to time.  These slopes are described as ‘possibly related to water,’ most scientists hypothesize that this formation is another form that water can take. The European Space Agency’s spacecraft captured images of sheets of ice in the colder bottoms of craters; this suggests that liquid water can pool under appropriate conditions.

Emerging with this conclusion is another; could there be life on Mars?

According to researchers, yes, life is now a definite possibility. Extraterrestrial life might exist currently, or it might have been preserved since the water is rather plentiful.

“Finding water on Mars, a critical necessity to harbor life, is the beginning of what could be the future of mankind,” sophomore, Ana Rivas, said.

Hopefully next time we receive news about Mars, it is the finding of life.