Donald Trump vs. Oreos

Donald Trump vs. Oreos

Erin Bryant, Editor-In-Chief

Donald Trump, republican front-runner, swore to a crowd of 20,000 that he will never eat Oreos again.

Trump has been a very outspoken, and occasionally humorous, character in the presidential race. He has not hesitated to share his opinions, regardless of their popularity or political correctness.

For example, Trump has taken a firm stand against taking American business overseas. He expressed his beliefs plainly in Mobile, Alabama on August 21 when he explained that he would abstain from Oreos since Nabisco (the creator of the cookies) moved their manufacturing to Mexico.

“I love Oreos. I’ll never eat them again. Okay? I’ll never eat them again,” Trump said.

While Trump sees betrayal when he looks across the ocean, big businesses see big bucks.

By producing in countries with more relaxed taxes, the companies are keeping more of their profits.

Wages are also a source of concern. In the US, the minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. Many people are in favor of raising the standard to $10, even $15, per hour. People in some countries are paid peanuts in comparison. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, people can make as little as $2 per day. Corporations see this as a way to hold on to as much profit as possible.

Many people view the practice in a very negative light.

“It [overseas labor] is all about poor people trying to make money to support their families and being mistreated,” Nelson Olaguibel, junior, said.

In addition, outsourcing also means there are also less jobs for American citizens.

According to a report by Working America, “Manufacturing employment collapsed from a high of 19.5 million workers in June 1979 to 11.5 million workers in December 2009, a drop of 8 million workers over 30 years.”

The disappearance of these middle-class jobs has caused damage.

The real question is whether or not the multinationals are truly acting out of corporate greed.

Trump’s boycott will surely motivate people to both promote and decry foreign labor.

The corporations obviously see benefits in taking their business elsewhere, but all consumers need to take a stance.