Travel at hyper speed in the hyperloop

Travel at hyper speed in the hyperloop

Photo from SpaceX

Johnathan Thompson, Student Life Editor

Throughout history there have been many advances in transportation. The steam locomotive connected the east coast to the west coast, the automobile made traveling town to town seamless, and the airplane brought a faster more convenient way for traveling across the world. But now, it appears that Tesla Motors and Space X founder, Elon Musk, is bringing a new way to make traveling far distances short.

This, moderately new idea he has been crafting in his mind is called the Hyperloop. To put it in short, the Hyperloop is a tube-in-a-pod design. Inside the tube, the pod is held up by air packed underneath the pod. The pods are designed to hold passengers and reach high speeds in a vacuum environment to make long trips significantly shorter.

“I think that is freaking awesome!” said, Erik Wibeke, senior.

According to the plans that have been published on the Space X website, the Hyperloop holds some benefits. It is expected to be reliable, require little land space, and carry a tolerance of earthquakes, as well as some other features that may make it better than other modes of transportation.

However, something that may be so great and beneficial to society also comes with some major obstacles. The two major problems are the cost of the Hyperloop, and where in the world would they be able to test it. Estimates as to what the Hyperloop would cost are in the low billions- less than $6 billion according to the SpaceX website. To test the Hyperloop, a very large space is needed. Recent reports, via Elon Musk’s Twitter, have speculated that it is to be tested in Texas, but recent news has shown that a Hyperloop test track is planned to be built in California.

“I think that the technology needs to be perfected before they implement it.” Marc Terizzi, senior, said.

If the Hyperloop becomes a realty, could it be an industry killer for businesses such as airlines, just like how the combustion engine for cars got rid of  the need for horse drawn carriages? All we know so far is that it sounds very cool, goes very fast, and is very costly.