Apple shows the world a good time

Apple shows the world a good time

Johnathan Thompson, Student Life Editor

Apple held an event earlier this month to start off the year with more Apple products for consumers to enjoy. Ever since their last event where they gave the audience a preview of the Apple Watch, the people have been asking all sorts of questions: “What’s the battery life?” and “How much will the gold one sell for?” Those are just a of but the more popular questions.

Before Tim Cook showed off the company’s new time piece, the slideshow on the screen changed to the Mac, which indicated that the CEO was to introduce a new product. With their usual protocol, they did, and they wowed the crowd. Mr. Cook proceeded to then bring out a new notebook to add to the Mac family called the MacBook. It’s a brand new notebook that will sit aside the MacBook Air and Pro line.

To address the elephant in the room, the MacBook is very thin. VERY. It comes thinner than a MacBook Air. The total width is 13.1 mm and weighs only 2lbs and has a 12in retina display. There is also a new USB called USB-C. It is the only port that can be found on the notebook and can be used as a charging port and a USB port. They did indicate that adapters will be sold separately. Color-wise, the new MacBook follows the current iPhone 6 color panel. So now, customers can buy a gold MacBook. Yes, gold! But people can also choose silver and space gray.

As for the internals, Apple has overhauled everything. The keyboard has been redesigned. They changed the mechanical structure of how each key responds when typed for more precision and a more comfortable typing feeling. The trackpad has also been updated. Force Touch is a new thing Apple put in the MacBook’s trackpad, which can tell how hard or soft the user is clicking and it can vibrate to indicate places to click. To make the MacBook so thin, Apple got rid of the fans, made the components smaller, and redesigned the batteries. It has an Intel Core 5 processor, around 9 hours of battery life, and makes no noise.

The new MacBook has no release date set yet, but it is listed as ‘Coming Soon.’ The prices come in starting at $1,299 for the base model and $1,599 for the upgraded model.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch was given spotlight as well at the event. Everything was covered, from the materials used to make each watch to the neat actions people can do with it. There are three collections to the Apple watch. There are the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. Up on the screen they covered the raw materials used in making the metals like the aluminum and steel used to make the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch. The timepieces come with bands that go with their use. For example, the Sport comes with colorful sport bands and the high-end Edition watches come with quality leather bands.

There are many practical ways the Apple Watch can be applied to daily life. The users can answer their phone and make phone calls using the built-in speaker and mic, send and read texts and respond using voice, and send emojis and draw figures that can be sent to other Apple Watches. To navigate through the watch, there is a side button to lock and unlock, and there is a crown that is used to zoom in and out and scroll on screens. But the main navigation tool is the user’s finger. With 18 hours of battery life, there is plenty of time to explore the watch.

For people focused on fitness, the Apple Watch has tools for an active lifestyle. It shows how much calories have been burned, shows how much activity the user has done, and shows heart rates, even telling the user when it is convenient to stand up and start to walk around.

The Apple Watch has different price ranges for the three collections, and each collection has two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. The Sport collection is made of aluminum and starts at $349 and reaches to around $399. The Apple Watch collection starts at $550 and can go up to around $1,100. As for the Apple Watch Edition, this collection differs from the other two. Noted in the keynote, the Edition collection will be available in limited quantities and only sold at certain retail stores. Each watch is crafted from 18kt gold and comes with a leather band. Prices start at $10,000 and reach $17,000. The Apple Watch will be available to pre-order on April 10th and will be available for pick up on the 24th.