The Meninist Movement


Brittany Le, Copy Editor

The Meninist Movement has guys all over the world fighting for equality and for their rights. A Meninist is an individual who partakes in the movement. This support, however, is evidently a satire against feminist expression. Men who are part of this assembly have found joy in ridiculing feminist ideals and spreading the degradation of women through social media, clothing lines, and every day interactions. They are tired of “being oppressed.”

The following analogy summarizes Menininst’s justification for their actions.

“Picture one child with three toys, and one child with one toy. You give the second child two more toys. The first child begins to cry and demands two more toys, so that it’s fair,” says Andrew Siegel, senior.

The goal of a Meninist is to achieve equality. However, this statement contradicts reality as the men who support this group put down women to make themselves feel superior. Superiority is not an equivalent to equality. Men who are part of this group ask questions such as “Why can’t she open the door for me?” and “Why do I have to pay all the bills?” In a relationship, it is up to the couple to decide their personal parameters, conditions, and agreements.

A student at Wellington High has set conditions with her boyfriend, and they appear to be quite happy.

“I would hold the door open for him since he does the same for me. Sometimes we make deals like he’ll pay for the dinner, and I’ll pay for the dessert. It’s all about working things out,” said Savannah Edwards, sophomore.

Gender equity is a modern day issue and even made an appearance in the U.S. Senate debate on February 25th, 2015. Patriarchy has been long standing in our society and it is quite illogical to battle the idea of equality with dominance from either gender. This further proves that the Meninist Movement is a satire and a joke for men who act like boys.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, award –winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus, enlightens the audience of Ted Talkx on the ideals women undertake in society.

“We teach girls to shrink themselves; to make themselves smaller. We say to girls ‘you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful otherwise you will threaten the man,’” says Adichie.

One male student at Wellington High, however, believes and supports the Feminist Policy.

“What men don’t realize is that feminism will help them, not hinder. Once we’ve established equality, it’s then that we can start working towards what each person needs more of,” said Robby Sinacsi, senior.

In a survey conducted at Wellington High, the findings were that 3 out of 5 males feel superior to females, while 2 out of 5 students – from both genders – agreed that the sexes are equal. The responses were nearly instant, as if each person had already predetermined their place in societal hierarchy. Much of today’s misogyny in high school can be influenced from social media: the source of trends.

The Meninist Movement has lingered around social media and planted its roots in Twitter. One twitter page, @MeninistTweet, currently has 735K followers. Their posts consist of immature tweets and jabs to female, all fewer than 140 characters. One tweet goes on to say “The only thing bad about a girl getting an ‘A’ is in her bra size.”

Another post includes a photo of a man in a suit, with bullet-points next to him listing the many jobs a man has to do including: pay bills, go to work, be confident, be muscular, be dad material, and so forth. An image of a bare woman is next to this, and the phrase “don’t be fat” is only to be seen.

The #MeninistTwitter hashtag reveals endless amounts of posts relating to the difficulties of being a man in the 21st century. While the posts offer very good points such as “Why can’t guys get into the club for free”, their movement would be more productive without the sarcasm. Perhaps men would be able to achieve equality in areas where females have an advantage if they did so in an appropriate manner.

However, there are far more circumstances in which men hold more power and majority such as in politics. Is it more important to have the eligibility and social acceptance to be the president of the United States, or to get into a bar for free?

This demonstrates the inconsistency of the principles claimed by Meninist and further proves that it is a group created to mock anything female. Meninists do not actually want equality, as they know the cards are already in their favor. What they want, simply, is to have a little fun and aim to mirror feminist ideals in an attempt to show women that their “fight for equality” is null.

The trend among social media inspired a clothing line to launch displaying the phrase ‘#MENINIST’ in bold letters across the front. The slogan can specifically be found on clothes such as hats, jackets, and shirts.

One student at Wellington High would steer clear of anyone wearing clothing from the line.

“I wouldn’t date a guy wearing a #Meninist shirt because it’s an improper use of proper pronoun – it’s feminine and masculine, not Feminine and Men. They should call themselves Masculists,” Luci Mazzella, senior, said.

In all actuality, if these men were truly victims of double standards and injustice, then the Meninst Movement would be taken seriously. However, their principles and group intent are not to equalize, but rather to humor. A recent tweet on the @MeninistTweet page goes on to say, “Hoodies: $39.95. Shirts: $22.99. Making a feminist mad: priceless.” The tweet speaks for itself, and the men who partake in this group are not shy about hiding their real intentions. Their posts tend to have sarcasm in them, but this post has reality written all over it.

“Men don’t really realize what they’ve been doing because it’s what they’ve been taught. Now that we have social media and all these different sources to express ourselves and to get our point across, men might feel that their patriarchy is being threatened. And it needs to be threatened,” said Ryan Creech, senior.

Nevertheless, Meninism is fundamentally a misogynistic movement and is engraving the traditional gender roles even deeper into the boys – and men – who are still growing up.

“As a man, I know it’s hard to admit that we’re wrong because men are proud. It’s hard to get over your ego. In the end though, you’ll live a much better life and be able to contribute to society in a much more amazing way,” concludes Ryan Creech.