The 2014 Midterm Elections


Valentina Franco, News Editor

After a close and fierce election, the race for governor of Florida ended with a victory for the Republican, Rick Scott.

As the inherently bipartisanship of the United States prevails in each state, the race for Florida’s Governor was mainly between Rick Scott, the already Republican governor of Florida, and Charlie Crist, a Democrat whose ‘flip flopping’ of political parties has subjected him to much criticism. Other candidates were Farid Khavari an Independent, Keith Stegath also an Independent, and Adrian Wyllie a Libertarian.

The race for House of Representatives of Florida’s districts were also underway at this time, with Ted Deutch, who visited Wellington High School in 2013, running for re-election.

Candidates who ran for House of Representatives, and won, are Maria Sachs, District 34 – Boynton Beach, and Patrick Murphy, District 18—Miami Dade.

The ballots included topics that ranged from the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Florida, which was rejected, marriage equality, a one cent school tax, and soil and water conservation, which all won.

Ballot questions in the other states included the topic of minimum wage in five states, background checks to purchase guns in Washington, the parameters of personhood in Colorado, and the banning of recreational hunting of bears in Maine.

Recent polls showed the decrease in the popularity of the Democratic Party, and predicted that Republicans, like Rick Scott, would have the upper hand in this year’s Midterm elections, and these polls proved right.

Some Wellington High School students had some strong opinions regarding the gubernatorial election.

“Charlie Crist all the way. Rick Scott took 1.3 billion dollars form education and didn’t return the full amount back. He wants to privatize education, which is stupid; he looks like Voldemort and it’s scary. He pled the fifth 75 times in the biggest insurance fraud case in the United States, which is ridiculous. He shouldn’t even be allowed to be Governor of Florida,” Molly Teitelbaum, senior, said.

Other students simply had a favorite in the race.

“I wanted Rick Scott to win, I thought he was better than Crist, so,” Sam Motsinger, senior, said.

The citizens of the United States have spoken, and the people of Florida have chosen who they think is the best candidate to govern Florida.