iPhone 5s and 5c: What’s New?

Johnathan Thompson, Staff Writer

The brand new line of iPhones has arrived! Earlier this month, Apple announced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which have sold like hot cakes, but have received mixed reviews. Here’s an outline of what’s new.

One major aspect in the iPhone announcement was that the iPhone 5s comes in a new color. Gold. It is something from Apple that hasn’t been done before. If the standard black, white, and now, gold colors don’t please consumers, they can now add another splash of color into their life.

The new iPhone 5c is an addition to the iPhone family. These devices come in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. As an extra, customers can also purchase cases that can match the phone’s color or contrast completely. Plus, when this phone is turned on for the first time, the background screen matches the color of the chosen handset. What mainly sets the 5c apart from the 5s is that the shell to the phone is hard plastic rather than the usual metal.

The new operating system that is included with the two devices, iOS 7. It is a major overhaul to its predecessor, iOS 6. It features a whole different design that is more modern and with updated ringtones. The new home-screen features icons that are more rounded with a completely changed interface. Another cool feature to iOS 7 is that the background of the phone can move. If the phone is tilted forward, the picture will move upwards and vice versa. If you are upgrading a pervious model such as an iPhone 4s to iOS 7, be careful. There have been complaints that battery life has been shorted. Also, while the phone is upgrading, an error message may occur and the downloading process will have to start all over again. Additionally, if the phone is not backed-up, data may be lost.

Apple also redesigned Siri. For those who don’t know who or what Siri is, it is a feature that enables one to communicate with the phone. Any person can ask for directions to a restaurant or ask football scores. She’ll find it. One of the changes to Siri was that she can now be a he. There are now two voice options for the “personal assistant”: male and female.

For security, Apple introduced a new password to the iPhone 5s. With this option, customers can now use their fingerprint to unlock their phone, or buy songs off iTunes.

One key factor when purchasing a phone is price. The iPhone 5s is still $199 for a two-year contract with a service provider and the price increases as internal memory capacity increases. On the other hand, the iPhone 5c is only $99 with the two-year contract or $199 with upgraded internal memory.

To put into perspective, the iPhones bring a whole new design with hardware and software that are completely different for the iPhone consumer.