The American Dreamers

Valentina Franco, Staff Writer

As seniors apply to college and plan the beginning of their lives, people tend to ignore the fact that many great students are denied access to universities and scholarships for minute and insignificant reasons. None are definitely not blind to the immigration problems in America, but as teems tend to believe they live in a bubble of perfection which encompasses all around them. There have been cases of children of illegal immigrants who have been arrested during their high school graduation ceremonies and deported to a country completely alien to them-Countries with little to no opportunities.

Seeing the severity, unfairness, and inhumanity of this problem the Obama Administration has proposed the enactment of the Development Relief and Education of Alien Minor’s Act and thankfully, congress has approved it 44-32. The DREAM Act allows temporary residency for the children of illegal immigrants along with the option of applying for permanent citizenship after completing five and a half years in college or two years in military service. The requirements for qualifying for the DREAM Act are that the person applying have to had graduated high school, have been accepted into a college or university or are enrolled in the military.

One of the Wellington Wolverines is a part of the DREAM Act. High school senior, Jimmy Alvarez, moved to South Florida in 2008 from Mexico and is waiting to finish up high school and continue his successful educational career in his American home. “I’m just glad I can study here” said Alvarez about the DREAM Act. Alvarez has been in wellington since he got to the United States and has participated in extracurricular activities just like many other students.

The DREAM Act will help this great student and many others like him achieve the dream their parents sought out by moving to this country. With aid from Obama’s DREAM Act as much as 1.8 million students, including Alvarez, will be able to exceed and accomplish their dreams-no matter what background or country they were born into.