WHS Security Measures Measuring up to Expectations

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, security rules are being tightened in schools around the nation, including our own. Students are beginning to grow accustomed to refraining from letting other students in side doors and back entrances, and staff members are accepting patrolling duties.
As school gate-keeper, Mr. Mounts explained, “we will be more aware of the entrances to the school and limiting access to the school, trying to funnel everything through one entrance.”
Mr. Kozlowski furthers, “all exterior doors will be locked at all times; they will not be opened, they will not be unlocked, they will be used primarily as exit doors only. We are also doing perimeter checks; we ride around the whole campus in golf carts.”
Though some of these measures may be inconvenient, they are inconveniences that school administrators have deemed helpful and necessary.
Mr. Mounts feels that the regulations are “definitely going to have an effect, but how much or how little of an effect, it’s impossible to say. You can’t predict crazy, meow; you just have to deal with it by being as proactive as you can.”
Both Mr. Kozlowski and Mr. Mounts said that they have not had any serious problems with compliance to new regulations, with Mr. Mounts elaborating that there have not been “problems, [but] there’s always, going to be students who don’t understand the precautions and steps that we’re taking and take a little while to get into the flow of things, meow. After awhile they’ll get a hang of it.”
At the end of the day, it seems our school administrators agree that more stringent school security regulations are indeed being effective in accomplishing WHS staff’s top priority, which is the safety of their students.
In the words Mr. Kozlowski, “I think we have all bases covered. We are following the guidelines the district has given us to the best of our ability.”