More Students Sport Glasses

Madison Dalton

Gabrielle Harris, Staff Writer

In the past, one maybe two students might be found in a classroom fashioning glasses or even contact lenses. According to the World Health Organization, 161 million people worldwide have a visual impairment. About 1.8 million are in the U.S.
While this generation is known for its advancement in technology, it also part of the reason that more people were glasses. Computers and video game usage, along with hand held technology such as phones and iPods, worsen eye sight.
“I’m usually looking at my phone and when I get home, I’m on the computer for hours,” Rebecca Hernendez, sophomore said.
More people wear glasses now because people’s visual needs continue to increase. Staring at an object for too long, such as a computer screen, have bad effects on eyes. Researchers say that in order to keep your eyes healthy if you are an avid computer user, you should look around the room to relax your eyes from the constant staring at the computer screen.
Not only is technology ruining this generation’s eyes, but reading and desk work are also contributing to increase wearing of glasses in the past few years. “I read a lot, so I do have to use glasses to be able to see,” Alana Mitchell, junior, said.
Many wonder if the reason behind poor eye sight has always been around or if people are just realizing now. Whether people actually are wearing glasses for sight or for fashion studies do show a small increase in the past few years. So all together: technology, reading, and desk work, can all lead to unhealthy eyes which may lead to the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.