13 Facts about 2013

Miketsu Kuniboto

Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor

Though countdown lists are typically reserved for the end of the year, with the welcome start of 2013, the WHS Wave has compiled its own List of Top Thirteen Upcoming Events/Predictions for the next twelve months. From entertainment to politics, students should prepare for an interesting year.

1. Climate. After a record-breaking 2012 in terms of average temperature and Super Storm Sandy, the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee predicts even more extreme weather this year, including more storm surges, heat waves and droughts.

2. Music. The 90s boy band fans of WHS may rejoice. The Backstreet Boys have reunited and plan on releasing their new still-untitled album this year, which, if you don’t feel old already, also happens to be their 20th anniversary.

3. Economy. Optimistic signs are pointing towards continued economic growth in the U.S. While experts are understandably varying in predictions, the overall consensus is a continued— albeit slow—growth of the American economy.

4. Movies. Students will be following the yellow brick road all they way to the theater this March, with the release of the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz: The Great and Powerful. On the 8th, actors James Franco and Mila Kunis are sure to draw crowds with their take on the original 1900 novel by L. Frank Baum.

5. Movies. A certain stereotypical high school summer reading book will be getting a Hollywood makeover this year, with director Baz Luhrmann’s edgy take on The Great Gatsby already generating some loud buzz. With performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan and a musical score by Jay-Z, even students are expected to appreciate this movie when it opens May 10.

6. Commemorative Anniversary. August 28 and November 22 will mark the 50th anniversaries of the famous “I Dreamed a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. and the death of President John F. Kennedy, respectively.

7. Politics. WHS upperclassmen should look out for student loans legislation, which will certainly have important repercussions on college plans. While the deal passed to avert the fiscal cliff managed to extend education tax benefits that were set to expire, other funding programs and caps on student loan rates could remain on the chopping block for the upcoming months.

8. Music. After a relatively quiet 2012, Lady Gaga could be making a comeback with her new album, ARTPOP, being released sometime this year and her 2013 Concert Tour already underway.

9. Health. Though it only officially goes into effect in 2014, Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act’s deadline for state compliance is October 1, a day on which a revolution in health care will take place. Consumers will soon be shopping online for health insurance, similar to shopping for hotels on Hotline.com or everything else on Amazon.com.

10. Technology. The Xbox 720, rumored to be called the Infinity, is expected to debut in autumn of 2013, to the excitement of gamers everywhere. The video game console is possibly expected to combine motion detection technology with “augmented reality 3D” image projections.

11. Astronomy. On a journey that has taken literally millions of years, the Comet Ison is expected to pass over Earth, burning brighter than even the moon in late November. The once-in-a-lifetime or perhaps more accurately, once-in-a-millennia chance to see the comet is expected to be the highlight of the year for stargazers everywhere.

12. Movies. The highly anticipated sequel to one of last year’s biggest blockbusters, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, will be released November 22. Based on Suzanne Collins’ acclaimed book series, the dystopian teen movie is already expected to be another box office hit.

13. Energy. America’s ongoing energy boom shows no signs of stopping this year, with projected increases in domestic oil production and natural gas fracking.