Winter Wonderland springs up in Wellington Amphitheater

Winter Wonderland springs up in Wellington Amphitheater

Madison Dalton

Madison Dalton, News Editor

           The Wellington amphitheater grounds were truly transformed into a winter wonderland on Saturday, December 8 when the village funded a night full of family fun.  Free of charge, members of the Wellington community were able to enjoy barrel and carousel rides, a variety show, carnival games, and even a simulated ice-skating rink. 

            “I love it,” parent Theresa Kelly remarked.  “They have such great things at the amphitheater. It’s real family oriented and it makes you happy to live here.”  She was especially impressed by the ice-skating rink, commenting, “I think it’s neat that they have it because kids in Florida obviously don’t have opportunities to go ice-skating much.”

            The portable outdoor ice rink was open to guests from 2 to 7 p.m.  and was reportedly a hit, especially with the younger children.

 “I think it’s fun. [The ice skating] is cool,” Gabby Craal, 7th grader at Polo Park stated.  Her friend, 6th grader Johanna Powell agreed, noting that, “The ice skating seems fun and all the rides are really cool.”

At 7:30, a crew of 25 holiday dancers, singers, and cartoon characters took to the amphitheater stage.  Saturday’s holiday activities are just the latest in a series of community-based events that have taken place at the Wellington amphitheater since it was opened in 2010.  Many community members are enjoying the plethora of enterprises it offers.

As WHS senior Sam Ancene explained, “It’s pretty surprising. I’ve lived here for awhile and this is sort of new, but it’s a great opportunity for kids to have fun.  It definitely brings more people in Wellington together to socialize.”