Swing States and the Election


Photo Credit: CorpWatch

Sydney Rogalsky, Staff Writer

This election is mainly dominated by the swing states. Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, etc. are all swing states—states that don’t usually vote Republican or Democrat, but change their stands each election.

Obama and Romney have now narrowed their campaigning ground to these states. The most important one? Ohio.

Ohio hasn’t voted for the losing candidate in any election since 1960. This makes it the most important state for either candidate to win, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t  have the most electoral votes.

Florida, in fact, is the largest swing state with 29 electoral votes.

“If we win Florida, we win the election,” said President Obama, during a campaign rally in early October.

It’s true, too. Look back to the election of 2000 when Florida literally decided the election when it voted George Bush rather than Al Gore. Bush won the election by just five electoral votes (Bush had 271 and Gore had 266). It’s looking like this election could turn out much the same way.

Recent campaign ads are being focused mainly in high concentration areas of swing voters. Mainly Florida, Ohio, and some areas of New England and the Midwest are being targeted. These areas are going to have the most important votes in the election. They will be the deciding factors.

A poll taken by Gallup October 23rd revealed Governor Romney to have a 49% majority and President Obama with 48%. The undecided voters seem to be making up their minds—and fast.

With the election less than 15 days away, we’re really starting to see who may win. But it all comes down to the swing states.

If Governor Romney wins Ohio—where he is currently 4% behind President Obama, according to CNN—he could very well take the election—especially with Ohio’s track record of picking the winning candidate. If he loses, though, he’ll have to win a whole bunch of the smaller states (enough to account for Ohio’s 18 electoral votes) if he hopes to take the presidency.

In the end, it all comes down to the swing states. Go vote Florida. In this case, your vote definitely counts.