A Family on a Mission


Photo credit: http://www.ifrc.org

Photo credit: Presley Johnson

Cyara Finn, Staff Writer

A country the same size as Wellington. Overcome by poverty, death, abandonment, starvation, abuse, and witchcraft. Presley Johnson, 15, freshman, went to Zambia on a missions trip with her family for a week. The things she witnessed are beyond mind boggling.

“I was not ready for what I was about to face! I was ready for the abandonment to some degree but I wasn’t ready for the malnourishment of these kids and the amount of demonic witchcraft.” Johnson said.

She volunteered at an orphanage and had a group of ten girls from the ages of five to eleven. These children don’t have birth certificates so there is no record of them even being alive.

“It’s so sad to see the amount of death, discouragement, and sadness these people carry with them their entire lives.” Johnson explained.

Presley was humbled to extremes through this experience.

“Being someone that has been so fortunate to live in the USA and to live in the kind of house and lifestyle that I do, I’m taken back by the joy on these kids faces when they literally have nothing!”  Johnson noted.

The amount of sexual abuse that happens in Zambia is hard to grasp. At the age of eight some girls become mothers as a victim of rape. On top of that most of them already are considered the “parent” because their parents abandoned them and they now have to take care of themselves and their siblings.

“Our experience in Zambia was one I will never ever forget! Its hard to put into words what was really happening there.” Johnson said.

Her family is planning on building a ministry center. They don’t know when or how but that’s the future goal.

As a fifteen- year old Presley Johnson experienced more heartache in one week then most people do in their entire lives.

“I don’t know what to do about this, but I know I have to do something,” Johnson said.