Senior Skater Finds Fame in Peru

Francesca Rainieri, Multimedia Editor

Blake Robinson, senior, just might be the definition of those clichés such as “being at the right
place at the right time” and “everything happens for a reason.” After leaving Dreyfoos School of the Arts
sophomore year, Robinson found himself in Peru with his friend and ended up moving there for six
“They say that this [America] is freedom, but it’s not,” he remarks. “I loved it.”
While in Peru, Robinson spent most of his days at the nearby skate park, doing one of his
favorite hobbies, skateboarding.
“One day I was just skating and there were these guys with cameras who started filming me skate.”
Little did he know that the camera men were from MTV and were about to put him on TV.
“I had a kid come up to me and say they saw me on MTV,” Robinson said. “I had no idea.”
Being at the right place at the right time turned into open doors of opportunities for this
teenager. A few weeks later, Robinson was approached at the skate park by photographers, and this time, he ended up featured in a skateboard magazine.
With all the publicity Robinson was receiving, he was soon sponsored by Criminal Skateboards
and was touring around Peru, going to different spots to skate. However, an unfortunate event left
Robinson with a torn ligament, and he could no longer skate for the remainder of his time in Peru.
This was not the last door closing for Robinson, however, as he still had his friends. “They are
like my family,” Robinson said. “We kept close even though I wasn’t skating.”
Through close connections, Robinson was then asked to play violin for a tribute band for The
Killers, and found himself in the recording studio.
After, Robinson decided to return to the US to visit his family.
“I just missed home. Peru is very polluted, and I missed the sunrises and sunsets,” said
Unsure of whether or not to return to Peru, Robinson and his family agreed he would go back to
high school for a few weeks to help him make a decision.
As if everything happens for a reason, three weeks later, Robinson met his current girlfriend,
Hanna Balicki, and has stayed home ever since.