A Farewell to a Retiring Wellington Founder


Lauren Alsina, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 7th, Wellington said a tearful goodbye to Mr. Rainaldi, who retired that afternoon. Mr. Rainaldi played an integral part in the school’s success since its opening in 1987, and had been Head of Guidance for over 20 years, helping both teachers and students.

“He would really bend over backwards and go out if his way to help anyone,” said Mr. Sink, teacher. “He was very helpful when I started teaching at this school years ago, and always had an answer to my questions when no one else did.”

As a tribute, the faculty is naming the Guidance Office after him.

“I was here with him when the school opened its first year,” Mr. Cox, teacher, recalled. “He was a great friend was a great sense of humor. The school’s tribute was very kind, there aren’t many trhings on campus dedicated to others, it was a nice thing to do for him.”

Mr. Rainaldi will above all be missed by all the students who have received his help for years with classes, schedules, and other troubles.  The new counselor he’s trained, Ms. Sexton, will be taking Mr. Rainaldi’s place in Guidance.