Obama Calls Out Palm Beach Voters

Sydney Rae

Sydney Kenney, Staff Writer

An ocean of rainbow umbrellas, faded chants of “four more years,” and thousands of lucky supporters wrapped around the Palm Beach Convention Center this Sunday, September 9th, as President Barack Obama stopped on his campaign trail to give a speech to the people ofSouth Florida.

The wait for some was overwhelming, and even with the shade of umbrellas, ambulances had to take away several people whose bodies couldn’t handle hours upon hours in the ninety-two degree heat that afternoon. But there were few in the convention center that could deny that the wait was worth seeing the President of the United States.

During his speech, Obama emphasized the importance of voting during this year’s election, especially in Florida.

“If we win Palm Beach County, we will win Florida. And if we win Florida, we will win this election,” Obama said.  He used the majority of his speech to discuss his success during his term, and his plans for the next four years.

When Obama brought up a common policy difference between Republicans and Democrats, the crowd let out an echoing moan of disapproval. His response was a very simple line highlighting the importance of using the right to vote over simply complaining, “Don’t boo, vote.” Obama said, causing one of the loudest applauses of the evening.

He also advertised the website www.gottaregister.com throughout his speech, encouraging all available citizens to register to vote before the deadline of 29 days before the election.

But overall, Barack Obama left the crowd cheering and in visible awe. They had been sharing a room with the President of the United States, an opportunity that truly comes once in a lifetime.