Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes

Diana Calderon, Staff Writer

Down an old dirt road, through the gate near the green sign of hope, there lies a silver lining for those who think they have none. A haven for every person and horse, this place is called Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.

Vinceremos is Latin for “to overcome” and “to conquer” and the center’s meaning fits its name perfectly. Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center, or VTRC, is a nonprofit organization, dedicated solely to help those with disabilities, no matter what the case is. Riders as young as two to seventy ride there every chance they get, fighting whatever holds them back as they mount the horse. 

  Deb Levinsky, the volunteer coordinator at Vinceremos and a college student herself, knows what it’s like to see all these happy faces.

 “There are so many benefits from combining horses and people with disabilities. Probably the best part about combining the two is seeing the rider overcome their limitations their disabilities have placed upon them,” said Levinsky

 VTRC is made to give happiness and to make miracles happen. Children attending Vinceremos have experienced these miracles sure enough. 

 Children who have been told they will never talk often say their first words on the back of a horse, children who are told they will never walk often take their first steps after riding for several months. Teens that are told they will have trouble with social interactions often make some of their best friends, both two and four-legged, at the barn. Adults that are told they will have to deal with new conditions after an accident, stroke or other medical issue end up blowing away any doctor given diagnosis.

 “Horses are a window for riders to escape the limitations they face in everyday life. “As said by Deb Levinsky.

 Vinceremos has helped so many overcome their disabilities since it was founded in 1981 by Ruth Menor, the current facility’s Executive Director. Its motto “Ability Overcoming Disability” runs strong through the veins of the many volunteers who help each day.

 “The volunteers at VTRC do everything–flexibility and the willingness to learn are the keys to success at Vinceremos. We train our volunteers to groom, tack, and lead the horses during lessons, as well as side walking during lessons to provide support to the riders. Besides lesson help, we also need help around the barn mucking, and cleaning. We truly depend on the help of volunteers to make our facility run!” Says Levinsky

 VTRC is located at Sixth Court North in Loxahatchee. It is currently under construction as a new riding arena is being built for protection against the hot and sunny weather.  Nonetheless lessons are still taking place.

 As Vinceremos celebrates its 30th anniversary it continues to spread hope and happiness to those who most need it. Every volunteer, every faculty member and every horse has helped contribute to this.

 “In life, true superheroes rarely wear capes. Our volunteers are truly VTRC’s superheroes. Their dedication and hard work is truly what makes Vinceremos run. Without the help of our superhero volunteers, Vinceremos would not be what it is today,”said Levinsky.