Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Sofia Rodas, Staff Writer

It all started in 2007 when David Shepherd and Travis Price, two senior students in Nova Scotia, saw a freshman boy being bullied on his first day of school for wearing a pink shirt. They knew that what happened wasn’t right; that night they went to a discounts store and bought 50 pink tank tops and texted all of their schoolmates. The next morning they handed them out to every guy in school.

These two students acted with the intention of passing on the message to everyone in their school, yet they didn’t know that their story would attract eyes worldwide. This supportive gesture that started on a normal school day, is now celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of February.

“We’re very proud and glad to be part of this,” says Mrs. T in the Guidance office, “bulling really needs to stop, it is a horrible thing that sadly is part of many schools worldwide; it’s supposed to be about helping not hurting others.”  For Wellington High School it’s the first year participating on this event. Students were asked to come to school with a pink shirt Wednesday February 29 in support of this cause. Teachers were also given pink shirts with “Bullying Stops Now” messages all over it.

Flyers were handed and posted around the school’s walls, announcements were made, and teachers in their classrooms were there to remind students of this day. Many students decided to support the cause and dressed in pink shirts for the day, about 50% to 60% of the students dressed in pink. Students that were asked why they didn’t wear pink assured it wasn’t because they did not support the cause but because they forgot about it or they didn’t have a pink shirt to wear.

“I decided to do it because I think bulling is very wrong,” Yessica Arrua, f reshman, said, “bullies are very insecure, so they decide to bully other people to take all their insecurities out.” Yessica wore a pink shirt supporting the event.

“I think bullying is done by people who don’t have a good life as an individual and decides to take it out on others” said Errick Brown who added that he was completely against bullying.

“Bullying is bad!” “Bullying is so wrong!” “Bullies should get suspended!” “It needs to stop!” Comments like this and many more were said by students and faculty on this day.  Bullying is a daily problem every school has to deal with and that everyone needs to stop. Many groups, artists and people have created diverse ways to try to help raise awareness about this problem. Whether it’s physically bullying, verbally bullying, cyber bullying or any kind of bullying, it needs to stop, and one by one, school by school, we can all make a difference.