Wellington Polo Saddles Up for the Season


Gabrielle Harris, Staff Writer

It all begins on a field the size of nine football fields—300 yards long by 160 yards wide. The rumble of the horse’s hooves, the scent of newly cut grass, and sit of two teams—Wellingtonis the home of polo.

Polo is a sport in which friends and family members of all ages gather together to view the fast-moving sport. Businesses are also a fan of polo.

“We really enjoy the new customers, it brings us great business,” employee at Michael Angelo’s Nail Salon & Spa, Vivian Sanchez said.

Wellington Polo is now preparing for their fall season, starting in the middle of October. Numerous celebrities have attended polo games in Wellington. Prince Charles has competed in two of Wellington’s polo matches and the late Princess Diana has attended one match.

The time of year when most guests come to watch polo is around the time of the Winter Equestrian Festival, which occurs each year from January to March.

“My family and I actually go to a lot of games and it’s a fun sport to watch,” Amanda Taylor, freshman, said.

Unfortunately, some students at Wellington do not find Polo to be interesting. When asked, “When was the last time you watched polo?” most students stated they hadn’t viewed a game since a field trip in the fourth grade to the polo fields to see a match.

“I didn’t have fun on the field trip, but I can picture myself going to another game to hang out with friends though,” Ana Nieto, freshman, said.

Students attending a local elementary school go on a field trip to the Wellington Polo fields to view a match, and might go back if their friends went with them.

“My aunt does photography for some polo games and the pictures come out really cool,” Rebecca Brown, junior, said.