Fast Food Sanitation Standards Decline

Fast Food Sanitation Standards Decline

Elizabeth Rigolo

Ashley Machin, Staff Writer

Are fast food restaurants really sanitary? The state of Florida requires workers to wear gloves, but it is uncertain that it makes the facilities more sanitary.

“The food always looked gross when it was frozen,” Solange Sanchez, a Wendy’s employee, said.

Sanchez has worked at Wendy’s for one year. The restaurant goes by the motto CAYG- Clean As You Go. This works on easy days but when the busy days come, employees don’t get to clean much.

Her colleagues use gloves and are required to change them every thirty minutes. Many establishments have timers to remind employees to change gloves and wash hands every half hour. InFlorida, the only time they are not required to use gloves is when they are making shakes. However, during the time of an observation of a local restaurant, a female worker was seen holding meat without wearing gloves. According to Sanchez, situations like these depend on the manager.

Some managers are strict and force an employee to wash their hands, others don’t, she explains. Managers are often the ones cleaning to make sure regulations are met. Though, if the manager decides to help the cashier during a rush, standards slip. Other regulations include cleaning the restroom five times a day and monthly inspections.

If a customer changes their drink order, they empty the cup and reuse the same one due to the fact they aren’t allowed to waste cups. The fridge is inspected once a day. Employees are allowed three bathroom breaks where they must wash their hands.

It is still unclear that if a managerial staff member is not around, then are the employees following the rules. Before one enters a fast food place, it is important to think twice before they enter.