Freshman Election Takes on New Challenges

Madison Dalton

Fiona Puccio, Staff Writer

Over one hundred vibrant posters and flyers lined the walls of Wellington High School as campaigning for freshman elections began. Eight candidates spent their second week of school persuading the ninth grade class to elect them to office. Elections took place online this year for the first time, making fewer students vote.  

Online voting did not stand in Brianne Corrado’s way. She won the title of freshman class president.

 “Everyone stand and salute,” said Corrado’s classmate as she is called to the front of the classroom.

Corrado loves to work in large groups and to take charge. She is no rookie either. Corrado has spent the last three years in student council at Wellington Landings. She plans for the class of 2015 to “have their best freshman year.”

Although Sam Parkes did not win for president, she still has high hopes for her freshman year. She was inspired by her sister’s friend, Cristie Porro, who was President at Wellington High for four years. Parkes still plans to be involved by helping with homecoming. Her advice to her fellow students is to “keep on trying no matter what, and as long as you try your hardest, that’s the best you can do.” She plans to be elected next year.

Kayla Wallace, Freshman Class Vice President, was inspired to run for office by her friends. Wallace campaigned by posting wanted signs and big blue posters with her name on them. She looks forward to a great year.

“If anybody tries for something, keep trying and don’t get discouraged,” said Britnie Green, who was unsuccessful in her run for vice president. 

Libby Brumfield was elected Secretary, and Blake Kalk will assume the position of Treasurer. Each of the officers agrees that they are looking forward to the best freshman year yet.