Life After Humans

Life After Humans

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Daryl Denton, Staff Writer

Students text, tweet, repeat. One thing students don’t do often is think about the day their tweet will come back saying, “Tweet could not be sent. Check Wi-Fi connection after the sun has smothered the Earth.”

What do students at Wellington High School think about Earth and it’s afterlife?

“Some sort of animal. l will take over the world and most likely be cooler than humans. Let’s be real,” Emily Fonticialla, sophomore, said.

Most high school students take a humorous attitude towards dooms day, but Nestor Abad, senior, has a more serious perspective; “I think that the earth will not have the resources to support anything else. Beings may resort to another planet or galaxy, who knows.”

Some students have a more whimsical perspective to doomsday, “Honestly, I think the sun won’t be able to burn Beyoncé because she’s that hot. She’s just going to rule the planet by herself, because she can,” Danielle Sebrell, senior, said.

Not sure if that’s possible Danielle, but a girl can dream!

“I think everyone will just turn into fish and float around,” Owen Lear, freshman, said.

Perhaps Mrs.Smith, history teacher, has the most optimistic view; “Life might be moved to another solar system. Ideas can be radical because no one really knows.”

Others are more cynical, “The richest of rich and the so-called ‘Important Upper-Class people’ would go to space or some place where they can live their superficial lives while everyone gets torched,” Mara Green, sophomore, said.

No texting, no tweeting, and obviously no repeating. The world is gone. Stop crying, it was a joke. Or more like a warning. Don’t get to comfortable. “Mwuahahaha!”

Obviously students at Wellington High School have wild imaginations, but don’t worry! This is just a newspaper article.